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By: Snehal G. Patel, MD, MS (Surg), FRCS (Glasg)

  • Associate Attending Surgeon, Head and Neck Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Associate Professor of Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY


Rising 100 to asthma treatment doctor order 500mcg fluticasone free shipping 300 feet above sea level asthmatic bronchitis back pain fluticasone 250 mcg with mastercard, it is the sandy backbone of central Florida asthma webmd discount fluticasone 100mcg free shipping. With its unique ecosystem and distinct geography asthma causes order fluticasone 250 mcg otc, the Ridge is a cohesive, identifiable landscape for conservation action. Millions of years ago, the higher, drier lands of Florida were connected biologically to the terrain of the U. Like oceanic islands, the ancient scrub ridges were intermittently isolated by the sea or surrounded by wetlands inhospitable to scrub plants and animals, favoring the rapid evolution of distinct races and species. With strong selection pressures for adaptations to hot wet summers, cool dry winters, droughty nutrientpoor sandy soils, and frequent wildfires, a unique collection of plants and animals evolved in the Florida scrub (Myers 1990, Menges 1998). Given this biogeographical history, it is no surprise that the Florida scrub of the central ridges is rich in endemics, many found nowhere else in the world (Muller et al. It is a biodiversity hotspot for rare endemic species that would rank comparably with other familiar global hotspots such as the Caribbean Islands (Turner et al. In the first half of the 20th century, the botanist John Kunkel Small (Austin et al. Over the same timespan, chance brought three wealthy philanthropists with an interest in science and conservation to the Ridge. He later wrote, "The Archbold Station was to become my primary natural laboratory, and is to this day my favorite outdoor haunt. It is where I made most of my discoveries and where I feel most at home as a naturalist. I fell in love with the Florida scrub on my very first trip in 1958, and have remained in love with that unique habitat ever since, acutely aware of its threatened status" (Eisner 2003, 80). The study of the Florida scrub-jay initiated at Archbold in 1969 by Glen Woolfenden and now led by Reed Bowman, is the longest-running continuous bird population study in North America. Archbold ornithologists spearheaded conservation planning to save this threatened species, and their work has served as a model for bird conservation projects worldwide. A succession of plant ecologists working at Archbold, from Leonard Brass in the 1940s to Eric Menges now, has produced detailed descriptions of the scrub plant community and its dependence on fire (Abrahamson 1984a, Myers 1990, Menges 1998). Fish and Wildlife Ser vice, Ann Johnson (1981) produced the first systematic inventory of endemic scrub plants at 38 sites on the Ridge. His research has vital implications for plant conservation studies in fire-driven ecosystems around the world. Mark Deyrup, once described as the "Hubble telescope of the insect world," (Eisner 2001) has personally added more than 150,000 specimens of arthropods to the Archbold natural history collection and published descriptions of 12 new arthropod species from the Ridge in the last 30 years, reminding us that no biodiversity inventory is ever complete. He is the epitome of the naturalist with an engaging style that captivates the public, giving them an appreciation for science and conservation (Deyrup and Eisner 1993). Described recently by Carlton Ward as the "Smithsonian of the Scrub" (Ward 2011), Archbold, with its geographic focus on the Ridge, has forged and promoted a strong interdisciplinary approach to the scrub ecosystem. Archbold supports a staff of 50, hosts thousands of visiting scientists and students annually, and has provided training for more than 460 research interns since 1968. The generosity and vision established by founder Richard Archbold (Morse 2000), nurtured by his sister Frances Archbold Hufty (who served as chairman of the board from 1976 to 2010), and sustained by the family members who continue to serve on the board, has enabled Archbold to become the scientific powerhouse behind conservation on the Ridge. Other academics in the state have also made important contributions to scrub conservation. Jack Stout at the University of Central Florida and researchers at Kennedy Space Center-notably Ross Hinkle, Paul Schmalzer, and Dave Breininger-have published many papers making important contributions to our understanding of northern and coastal Florida scrubs. Kris Delaney, a botanist from Avon Park, found and described several new species of scrub plants on the Ridge, including the Avon Park harebells (Crotalaria avonensis) in 1989 and the Highlands County goldenaster (Chrysopsis highlandsensis) in 2002. And independent consultant Steve Christman recorded many astute observations and site records. A second research facility was founded on the Ridge in 1986 when Bok Tower Gardens joined the Center for Plant Conservation, an organization of botanical institutions committed to conserving plant species. Curator of Endangered Plants Susan Wallace at Bok Tower Gardens established their endangered plant species program using propagation techniques, reintroductions of plants into the wild, and a collection of both seeds and cuttings (Wallace and McMahon 1988). However, despite this rich history of study and widespread academic recognition of its conservation value, the Florida scrub was almost lost.

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Racial differences in energy expenditure and aerobic fitness in premenopausal women asthma jury verdict purchase fluticasone 100mcg otc. Metabolically active components of fat free mass and resting energy expenditure in nonobese adults asthma symptoms leg pain generic fluticasone 500mcg amex. Determining energy expenditure in preterm infants: Comparison of 2H218O method and indirect calorimetry asthma treatment jamaica 250mcg fluticasone with amex. Energy expenditure of Chinese infants in Guangdong Province asthma humidifier 500 mcg fluticasone free shipping, south China, determined with use of the doubly labeled water method. Correlates of over- and underreporting of energy intake in healthy older men and women. Literacy and body fatness are associated with underreporting of energy intake in U. Canadian Recommended Nutrient Intakes underestimate true energy requirements in middle-aged women. Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism during normal pregnancy: Relationship to gestational hormone action. Differences in resting energy expenditure in prepubertal black children and white children. Determinations of standard energy metabolism (basal metabolism) in normal infants. Prospective study of clinical gallbladder disease and its association with obesity, physical activity, and other factors. Energy balance during an 8-wk energy-restricted diet with and without exercise in obese women. No relationship between identified variants in the uncoupling protein 2 gene and energy expenditure. Calorimetric validation of the doubly-labelled water method for determination of energy expenditure in man. Metabolic and thyroidal responses to mild cold are abnormal in obese diabetic women. Body fat and water changes during pregnancy in women with different body weight and weight gain. Underestimation of daily energy expenditure with the factorial method: Implications for anthropological research. Hematological parameters in high altitude residents living at 4,355, 4,660, and 5,500 meters above sea level. Theory of use of the turnover rates of body water for measuring energy and material balance. The fate of utilized molecular oxygen and the source of the oxygen of respiratory carbon dioxide, studied with the aid of heavy oxygen. The effect of physical conditioning on serum lipids and lipoproteins in white male adolescents. Longitudinal changes in the relationship between body mass index and percent body fat in pregnancy. Estimation of energy expenditure, net carbohydrate utilization, and net fat oxidation and synthesis by indirect calorimetry: Evaluation of errors with special reference to the detailed composition of fuels. Daily energy expenditure in free-living children: Comparison of heart-rate monitoring with the doubly labeled water (2H218O) method. Energy expenditure in lactating women: A comparison of doubly labeled water and heart-rate-monitoring methods. Adiposity and adipose tissue distribution in relation to incidence of diabetes in women: Results from a prospective population study in Gothenburg, Sweden. Metabolic and anthropometric changes in female weight cyclers and controls over a 1-year period. Postabsorptive and postprandial energy expenditure and substrate oxidation do not change during the menstrual cycle in young women. The effects of age on postprandial thermogenesis at four graded energetic challenges: Findings in young and older women. Human Nutrition Research Branch, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

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Not all vehicles are designed to asthma treatment doctor cheap fluticasone 500 mcg line safely transport children asthma treatment before exercise purchase fluticasone 250 mcg on line, especially young children asthma symptoms uptodate order fluticasone 250mcg otc. Others have died or been injured when left outside the vehicle when thought to asthma symptoms 8 year old generic fluticasone 500mcg online have been loaded into the vehicle. It is necessary for the safety of children to require that the caregiver comply with minimum requirements governing the transportation of children in care, in the absence of the parent/guardian. The process of loading and unloading children from a vehicle can distract caregivers/teachers from adequate supervision of children either inside or outside the vehicle. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Documentation of the recommended inspections should be maintained in a master file. Indoor play spaces must also be properly laid out with care given to the location of equipment and the energy-absorbing surface under the equipment. A written policy with procedures is essential for education of staff and may be useful in situations where liability is an issue. The technical issues associated with the selection, maintenance, and use of playground equipment and surfacing are complex and specialized training is required to conduct annual inspections. Active play areas are associated with the most frequent and the most severe injuries in child care (1). Parents/guardians expect that their child will be adequately supervised and will not be exposed to hazardous play environments, yet will have the opportunity for free, creative play. Also, in the event of recalls, the information provided by the manufacturer allows the owner to identify the applicability of the recall to the equipment on hand. Products used in areas occupied by children must have these instructions for identification, maintenance, repair, and reference in case of recall. Corrective actions taken to eliminate hazards and reduce the risk of injury should be included in the reports. Annual review of such records provides a mechanism for periodic monitoring and improvement of equipment and surface type and quality (1). A sample site checklist is provided in Model Child Care Health Policies, available at. For information about playground safety see the Public Playground Safety Handbook, available at. All written policies should be reviewed and signed by the employee affected by them upon hiring and annually thereafter. The subsidy costs of staff benefits will need to be addressed for child care to be affordable to parents/guardians (5). Health benefits can include full coverage, partial coverage (at least 75% employer paid), or merely access to group rates. Some local or state child care associations offer reduced group rates for health insurance for child care facilities and individual caregivers/teachers. The effects of staff training on the types of interactions observed at two group homes for foster care children. Medical coverage should include the cost of the health appraisals and immunizations required of caregivers/teachers. Staff members come into close and frequent contact with children and their excretions and secretions and are vulnerable to these illnesses. Sick leave is important to minimize the spread of infectious diseases and maintain the health of staff members. Sick leave may promote recovery from illness and thereby decreases the further spread or recurrence of illness. Benefits contribute to higher morale and less staff turnover, thus promoting quality child care (2). Lack of benefits is a major reason reported for high turnover of child care staff (1). Many options are available for providing leave benefits, professional development opportunities, and education reimbursements, ranging from partial to full employer contribution, based on time employed with the facility.

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The report shall include observations and assessments on: (1) the development and execution of current parachute acquisition strategies including asthma 9 year old order fluticasone 500 mcg with visa, but not limited to: (a) performance and adequacy related to asthma definition 6000 buy fluticasone 250 mcg overnight delivery production and fielding schedules; (b) cost growth on a per unit or contract basis and explanation for such growth; (c) costs associated with the design and testing of parachute systems; (d) funding obligated or budgeted for development or product improvements to asthma symptoms gagging 100mcg fluticasone amex the systems asthma 3 rcp questions buy fluticasone 250mcg visa, as well as the source of the funds used for such development or improvements; and (e) a review of the plans and results of tests and evaluations associated with such systems. Review of Conflicts of Interest in Organizational Analysis of the Department of Defense the committee recognizes the importance of assessing the effectiveness of organizations across the Department of Defense to validate their missions and functions, identify metrics to measure performance, and determine areas for improvement. The committee notes that any assessments should examine the risks and legal and ethical considerations associated with combining functions or using commercial providers to carry out certain functions. The committee is also aware that the Secretary of Defense is required to conduct joint reviews and submit reports regarding the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Contract Management Agency, and Defense Finance and Accounting Service pursuant sections 925 and 926 of the John S. The risk assessments should include analysis of the legal and ethical implications of: (1) conflict of interest considerations; (2) the risks posed to governmental interests and the public when ``closely associated with inherently governmental' functions as defined in section 2383 of title 10, United States Code, are performed by commercial providers; (3) the risks to mission failure when ``critical' functions as defined in section 2461 of title 10, United States Code, are performed by commercial providers; (4) the risks of creating an ``employer-employee relationship' through the use of ``personal services contracts,' whether authorized by statutory exception. Security of Department of Defense Telecommunication Services In awarding contracts for telecommunication services or installation of telecommunication infrastructure on military installations located in the United States or its territories, the committee urges the Secretary of Defense to give preference to American-owned and -operated companies. Small Business Procurement Specialists at Military Installations the committee recognizes the vital service that small business procurement specialists provide to small businesses seeking to do business with the Department of Defense. Further, the committee notes that small business procurement specialists located on installations are best equipped to understand the products and services that local communities can provide to the U. However, the committee is concerned that the Department of the Army is considering the realignment and potential consolidation of small business procurement resources without assessing and articulating the tradeoffs, such as the impact on minority-owned small businesses. Navy Ships the committee is concerned with the sourcing of non-domestic components on U. The committee directs the Secretary of the Navy to provide a report to the congressional defense committees by December 1, 2019, on the feasibility of sourcing domestic components such as: auxiliary equipment, including pumps; propulsion system components, including engines, reduction gears, and propellers; shipboard cranes and spreaders for shipboard cranes; and other components on all Navy ships. It would utilize innovation ecosystems already in existence inside the Department. This section would require a report on the implementation not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act. The committee notes that the security of the United States increasingly relies on software to execute missions, integrate and collaborate with allies, and manage the defense enterprise. The ability to develop, procure, assure, deploy, and continuously improve software is thus central to national defense. Software should enable a more effective joint force, strengthen our ability to work with allies, and improve the business processes of the Department enterprise. Section 802-Software Development and Software Acquisition Training and Management Programs this section would direct the Secretary of Defense to implement software development and acquisition training and management programs for all software acquisition professionals, developers, and associated functions to provide software practitioners access to modern engagement and collaboration platforms to connect, share their skills and knowledge, and develop solutions leveraging the full defense enterprise. The committee recognizes that the Department of Defense requires a workforce capable of acquiring, building, and delivering software and technology in real time. As threats and demands emerge, providing a strong training and management program ensures the Department has talented and skilled leaders at the helm. The committee encourages the Secretary of Defense to partner with institutions of higher education or private sector organizations, to the extent practicable, to incorporate existing training and management programs that are helpful in the software realm. Section 803-Modifications to Cost or Pricing Data for Certain Procurements this section would modify section 2306a(b)(4) of title 10, United States Code, and allow the head of contracting activity to obtain cost or pricing data for commercial items that may be procured under sole source authority based on market research. Section 804-Modifications to Cost or Pricing Data on BelowThreshold Contracts this section would modify section 2306a(c) of title 10, United States Code, and section 3504 of title 41, United States Code, to allow contracting officers to request certified cost or pricing data when necessary to determine price reasonableness and removes the commercial item exception. Section 805-Comptroller General Report on Price Reasonableness this section would require the Comptroller General of the United States to submit a report by March 31, 2021, to the congressional defense committees, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs regarding the efforts of the Department of Defense to obtain cost and pricing data for sole source contracts for spare parts. Section 806-Requirement That Certain Ship Components Be Manufactured in the National Technology and Industrial Base this section would amend section 2534 of title 10, United States Code, and would require certain auxiliary ship components to be procured from a manufacturer in the national technology and industrial base. Section 807-Acquisition and Disposal of Certain Rare Earth Materials this section would require the Department of Defense to promulgate guidance on streamlined acquisition of items with rare earth materials and allows exceptions to the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System Manual and Department of Defense Directive 5000. This section would require a report on such guidance and the efforts of the Secretary of Defense to create and maintain secure supply chains for these materials within the United States and covered foreign sources 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act. This section also would provide authority for the disposal of tungsten ores and concentrates contained in the National Defense Stockpile and acquisition of other critical materials. This section would amend section 2533b of title 10, United States Code, by prohibiting acquisition of tantalum from non-allied foreign nations. Section 808-Prohibition on Acquisition of Tantalum from NonAllied Foreign Nations this section would amend section 2533c of title 10, United States Code, by prohibiting acquisition of tantalum from non-allied foreign nations. Section 809-Application of Miscellaneous Technology Base Policies and Programs to the Columbia-Class Submarine Program this section would amend the application of miscellaneous technology base policies and programs to the Columbia-class submarine program. Section 812-Repeal of Continuation of Data Rights during Challenges this section would repeal section 866 of the John S. Section 866 provided authority, in addition to existing authority, for the government to use non-commercial technical data during a period of challenge in an agency Board of Contract Appeals or the U.

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