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By: Snehal G. Patel, MD, MS (Surg), FRCS (Glasg)

  • Associate Attending Surgeon, Head and Neck Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Associate Professor of Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY

These outrageous Nazi-like procedures on the part of medical researchers are but another manifestation of the totally amoral and dehumanizing brutality that the capitalist system perpetrates on black women symptoms jaw pain topamax 100mg with visa. The rigid laws concerning abortions in this country are another vicious means of subjugation treatment for vertigo generic topamax 100 mg with mastercard, and symptoms bladder infection buy topamax 100 mg without a prescription, indirectly of outright murder medicine man gallery order topamax 200mg mastercard. Rich white women somehow manage to obtain these operations with little or no difficulty. It is the poor black and Puerto Rican woman who is at the mercy of the local butcher. Statistics show us that the non-white death rate at the hands of the unqualified abortionist is substantially higher than for white women. Nearly half of the child-bearing deaths in New York City were attributed to abortion alone and out of these, 79% are among non-whites and Puerto Rican women. We are not saying that black women should not practice birth control or family planning. Black women have the right and the responsibility to determine when it is in the interest of the struggle to have children or not to have them. It is also her right and responsibility to determine when it is in her own best interests to have children, how many she will have, and how far apart and this right must not be relinquished to anyone. The lack of the availability of safe birth control methods, the forced sterilization practices and the inability to obtain legal abortions are all symptoms of a decadent society that jeopardizes the health of black women (and thereby the entire black race) in its attempts to control the very life processes of human beings. This repressive control of black women is symptomatic of a society that believes it has the right to bring political factors into the privacy of the bedchamber. The elimination of these horrendous conditions will free black women for full participation in the revolution, and thereafter, in the building of the new society. Black Women and the Motherhood Myth by Bev Cole this excerpt is from an essay in the Right to Choose Abortion, a pamphlet published in 1971 by a Boston-based group, Female Liberation, that supported total repeal of abortion laws. The abortion issue must be faced by each and every woman, especially Black and Third World women. Then today, Black men tell Black women to continue to breed, so that we shall outnumber the White men and seize control. On July 4th, 1970, the Black Panthers came out with the most absurd statement, "Black women love children and like large families. How can we have this togetherness on the front if women are busy being balled by night and coping with the results, children everywhere, during each and every day. The gun in the hand of every Black man seems also to mean diaper swinging females following close behind. The economics of this racist society makes it impossible for many of these women to afford safe abortions, thus illegal, unsafe abortions occur. There are women who decide to have and keep their children, and to many of these Black women pregnancy is the admission stub to the nearest welfare office. But many a welfare mother finds herself pregnant for the second third, fourth time and wants to avoid sacrificing the lives of her previous children with one more mouth to feed. Some women seek help, but many times Welfare Agencies step in beforehand, promising an abortion only if one will submit to sterilization. The term "population explosion" dates from a 1954 pamphlet that warned of population growth as a threat to world peace. In domestic variants of the conversation worry about overpopulation expressed class-based concerns that easily slid into assumptions about race: too many of the poor were having more babies than they could support. With increasing government involvement in public assistance in the 1960s, there were those who continued to talk about "family planning" in openly class-based and, implicitly, race-based terms. These early "green" advocates were also part of the 1960s sexual revolution; today we might term them "sex positive. Zero Population Growth A growing environmental movement brought new concerns to conversation about population growth. The Population Bomb was blunt in its endorsement of abortion as "a highly effective weapon in the armory of population control. Ehrlich also advocated sexual freedom and argued that a side benefit of delinking sex from reproduction would be to liberate the American public from the "pressures of a sexually repressive and repressed society.

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Possible interview of collateral sources of information such as parent medicine wheel colors safe 100mg topamax, school counselor/teacher treatment 5th toe fracture safe 200 mg topamax, employer treatment 4 high blood pressure generic topamax 100 mg overnight delivery, flight instructor treatment refractory purchase 200 mg topamax mastercard, etc. To promote test security, itemized lists of tests comprising psychological/neuropsychological test batteries have been moved to this secure site. The sample must be collected at the conclusion of the neurocognitive testing or within 24 hours after testing. See Report Requirements for items that must be covered as well as additional items that must be submitted. See Report Requirements below for items that must be covered in the neuropsychologist report as well as additional items that must be submitted. If records were not clear or did not provide sufficient detail to permit a clear evaluation of the nature and extent of any previous mental disorders, that should be stated. Results of a thorough clinical interview that includes detailed history regarding psychosocial or developmental problems: a. Current substance use and substance use/abuse history including treatment and quality of recovery, if applicable; c. All medication use history; 245 Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners i. Behavioral observations during the interview and testing; and Results from interview of collateral sources of information such as parent, school counselor/teacher, employer, flight instructor, etc. Interpretation of the battery of neuropsychological and psychological tests administered; 6. You should report if there are other conditions or a learning disorder present; and ii. Does your diagnosis or findings agree with the diagnosis noted on other supporting or historical documents you reviewed? If it does not, then you should explain your rationale as to your diagnosis or findings; and 8. Documentation of urine drug screen results (what testing was performed and the results or a copy of the final results should be attached). If pilot norms are not available for a particular test or inappropriate for a specific applicant, then the normative data/comparison group relied upon for interpretation. A summary of test scores including raw scores, percentile scores, and/or standard scores must be included. In that event, authorization for release of the data (by the airman to the expert reviewer) is required. This may be limited to specific tests or expanded to include a comprehensive battery. This report must attest to stable visual acuity and refractive error, absence of significant side effects/complications, need of medications, and freedom from any glare, flares or other visual phenomena that could affect visual performance and impact aviation safety Visual Acuity Standards: o o o o As listed below or better; Each eye separately; Snellen equivalent; and With or without correction. First or Second Class Third Class Distant Vision 20/20 20/40 20/40 Near Vision Measured at 16 inches Intermediate Vision Measured at 32 inches; Age 50 and over only 20/40 20/40 No requirement Note: the above does not change the current certification policy on the use of monofocal nonaccommodating intraocular lenses. Applicants found qualified will be required to provide annual followup evaluations. Requirements for consideration: A current report from the treating transplant cardiologist regarding the status of the cardiac transplant, including all pre- and post-operative reports. It is the responsibility of each applicant to provide the medical information required to determine his/her eligibility for airman medical certification. Multiple heart valve replacement(s): Applicants who have received multiple heart valve replacements may be considered. Copies of all hospital/medical records pertaining to the valve replacement: Admission History & Physical (H&P); Discharge summary; Operative report with valve information (make, model, serial number and size); and Pathology report 2. A current report from the treating cardiologist regarding the status of the cardiac valve replacement. It should address your general cardiovascular condition, any symptoms of valve or heart failure, any related abnormal physical findings, and must substantiate satisfactory recovery and cardiac function without evidence of embolic phenomena, significant arrhythmia, structural abnormality, or ischemic disease. If on warfarin (Coumadin), the attending physician must confirm stability without complications. Current 24-hour Holter monitor evaluation to include select representative tracings. Current M-mode, 2-dimensional, and M-Mode Doppler echocardiogram, specifically including chamber dimensions and valvular gradients. Examples include epinephrine injection, cardiac trauma, complications of catheterization, blood clotting disorders.

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These bacteria eat through the valve leaflets medications while pregnant purchase topamax 200 mg on-line, damaging the edges and causing tears and holes in the valves medications hair loss topamax 100 mg mastercard, leading to medicine with codeine buy 200mg topamax with amex incompetence as previously explained symptoms whiplash buy topamax 200 mg with visa. These bacteria form abscesses in the heart muscle that can interfere with the conduction of electrical impulses that cause the heart to pump, leading to abnormalities in heart rhythm. Abscesses that form in the papillary muscles (which hold the valves in place) can cause mitral valve prolapse. Fear and anxiety in your thought life causes the hypothalamus in your brain to stimulate the production of large quantities of stress hormones (stage 2 and 3 of stress). The result of this damaged immune system is that you have no defense against harmful bacteria such as those that cause infective endocarditis and heart valve disease. When fear, anxiety and stress in your life are dealt with, the stage 2 and 3 stress reaction will be broken and the cortisol levels will normalize. The cells of the immune system will then be able to re-multiply and come back to full strength and kill off the bacteria infecting the heart valves. Turn to page 672 which will help you deal with those issues that are robbing you of your peace. T o understand infective endocarditis, it is important for you to gain a background understanding of the effects of long term fear, anxiety and stress on your body on page 178. Myocarditis yocarditis is inflammation of the muscle of the heart that can eventually lead to death of the muscle tissue. There is a picture of the muscle of the heart under heart valve disease 3 pages back. To understand myocarditis, you need to first turn to page 379 where you must read the introduction under non-bacterial inflammation. The toxins released by these infections cause damage to the heart muscle, resulting in inflammation. Viral infections (coxsackie B virus, polio, rubella and influenza) are the most common cause of myocarditis. There are some areas in South America where 50% of the population is infected with this parasite, and this is a common cause of heart failure in these areas. Whether it is infection by viruses, bacteria or parasites, the spiritual root is the same ­ a weakened immune system due to fear, anxiety and stress in your thought life. In this toxic state, the hypothalamus stimulates the production of large quantities of stress hormones. One of these stress hormones is cortisol which directly kills and prevents the production of the different cells of the immune system. Myocarditis can also occur in the absence of infection (noninfectious myocarditis). This can be part of an allergic reaction, which is also related to fear, anxiety and stress. Thus you must deal with the spiritual roots behind it: On page 672 is a chapter that will help you deal with fear, anxiety, stress and the issues in your life that are robbing you of your peace. Pericarditis he mechanism by which pericarditis develops and the spiritual roots behind it is exactly the same as myocarditis explained just above. To understand pericarditis, you need to first turn to page 379 where you must read the introduction under non-bacterial inflammation. Please also make sure that you read the two chapters that you are referred to in that section. Some cancers and the spiritual roots behind them are discussed in the chapter on page 385. One of these stress hormones is cortisol, directly kills and prevents the production of the different cells of the immune system. T « 494 » Specific Diseases Pericarditis can also occur in the absence of infection. A heart attack has two spiritual roots behind it ­ fear, anxiety and stress as well as self-hatred and a low self-esteem. Cardiomyopathy T o understand cardiomyopathy and the spiritual root behind it, it is important for you to first read through the following two chapters which have essential background knowledge: "Long Term Effects of Fear, Anxiety and Stress on the Body" on page 178.

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Injured athletes often experience undesired weight gain medicine plies buy 100 mg topamax otc, combined with the negative effects that injuries may cause medicine holder buy topamax 200mg with visa. However medications names purchase 200 mg topamax overnight delivery, it is reasonable to medicine used during the civil war order topamax 200mg visa expect that the health consequences reported among nonathletes will also apply to athletes. Most complications of anorexia nervosa, such as depletion of muscle glycogen stores, loss of muscle mass and bone mass, and anemia, occur as a direct or indirect result of starvation. These conditions are associated with fragility fractures and stress fractures, even in the young population. Severe complications such as collapse of the femoral head and hip fracture have been reported even among athletes. The consequences of bulimia nervosa have not been studied as extensively as anorexia nervosa, possibly due to more normal ranging body weight values and because it is a more difficult problem to diagnose. While multiple neuroendocrine abnormalities may be present, they tend to be less pronounced than with anorexia nervosa. The loss of fluids and electrolytes during purging can result in serious medical problems such as acidbase abnormalities, cardiac rhythm disturbances, and dehydration. The variety of medical problems related to bulimia nervosa includes tooth decay, parotid enlargement, carpopedal spasm, stomach rupture, metabolic alkalosis, hypercarotenemia, hypokalemia, and pancreatitis. Menstrual dysfunction and impaired bone health are also present in this group, but the incidence is highly variable and seems to increase with the presence of previous anorexia nervosa. The weight gain related to binge eating will likely lead to the same medical problems in athletes as in nonathletes, especially in those athletes participating in the more technical, less endurance type sports. Furthermore, the risk of overuse injuries and other muscle skeletal problems is likely higher than in nonbinging athletes. In the sports medicine field, the relationship between energy availability, menstrual function, and bone health is referred to as the female athlete triad (the Triad). Each clinical condition of the Triad comprises the pathologic end of a spectrum of interrelated subclinical conditions between health and disease. Typically function by suppressing appetite and may cause a slight increase in metabolic rate. May induce rapid heart rate, anxiety, nervousness, inability to sleep, and dehydration. Weight loss is primarily water and any weight lost is regained once use is discontinued. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, constipation, cathartic colon, and steatorrhea are common. Weight loss is primarily water and any weight lost is quickly regained once use is discontinued. Gastrointestinal problems, including esophagitis, esophageal perforation, and esophageal ulcers may occur. Effect on performance Poor exercise performance due to general weakness, reduced ability to cope with pressure, decreased muscle force, and increased susceptibility for diseases and injuries. May be addictive and the athlete can develop resistance, thus requiring larger and larger doses to produce the same effect. Saunas Excessive exercise Weight loss is primarily water and any weight lost is quickly regained once fluids are replaced. In recent years, studies have found the Triad in elite athletes representing both leanness and nonleanness sports, in female college athletes and highschool athletes, as well as in women who are not competing in sports. A study of the entire population of female elite athletes in Norway demonstrated that 4. Therefore, we recommend that health personnel working with female athletes look closely for evidence of Triad disorders. It should also be noted that an additional component of Triad disorders, endothelial dysfunction, has recently been introduced in the literature. Endothelial dysfunction is an important factor in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, which needs further examination in future studies on athletes. This is especially true in females and particularly in sports where leanness or a low body weight is considered important for optimal performance. Delayed menarche, bone growth retardation, reduced height, weight, and body fat have been reported in gymnasts. Performance consequences It goes without saying that health should be more important than performance for the athlete and their respective team.