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By: Andrew D Bersten, MB, BS, MD, FANZCA, FJFICM

  • Department of Critical Care Medicine, Flinders Medical Centre and School of Medicine, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Best Practices: these two bodies overlap blood pressure chart journal purchase sotalol 40mg with mastercard, and which is best able to arteria rectal inferior sotalol 40 mg visa oversee the preparation it appears that given differences in their mandates how is pulse pressure used as a diagnostic tool purchase 40 mg sotalol free shipping, they could fulfil choice but to arrhythmia icd 9 codes buy cheap sotalol 40 mg on-line either strengthen either the function of this body or the audit committee to fit with their circumstances. This chapter discusses the role, authority and duties of these various bodies in detail and how they specifically contribute to company transparency and information disclosure. The Supervisory Board the Supervisory Board controls the operations and financial activities of the company. The Composition and Requirements for Members A Supervisory Board shall have from three to five members with a term of no more than five years and the member of the Supervisory Board can be reelected with unlimited terms. It is recommended that: more than five terms in a row with the same company, because it can have a negative influence on their independence. Members of the Supervisory Board shall not be required to be a shareholder or an employee of the company. The Nomination of Members the procedure for nominating candidates to the Supervisory Board of the company is identical to the procedure for nominating candidates to the Board of Directors. The charter can require that additional information about candidates be included in the proposal for their nomination. The term of the Supervisory Board shall be no more than five years and the members of the Supervisory Board can be re-elected with unlimited terms. Contracts with Members Although not regulated in any legal documents, Supervisory Board members will have contracts with the company in the form of normal labor contracts. Best Practices: the charter or internal regulations should specify who signs the contract on executive signs the contract, this would likely affect the independence of the sign the contract does not imply the authority to negotiate or alter contract 6. Under the Model Charter, the Supervisory Board must meet at least twice each year and the minimum number of members attending a meeting must be two. The secretary and members of the Supervisory Board participating in a meeting shall sign the minutes of the meeting. Minutes of Supervisory Board meetings shall be kept as important documents of the company in order to determine the responsibility of each member on Supervisory Board resolutions. For a listed company, the Supervisory Board Chairman must be a shareholder of the company27 and be an accounting professional who neither works in the accounting and finance department, nor is the finance director (or chief accountant) of the company. Best Practices: the charter or internal regulations should provide the chairman with the responsibility to: the charter or internal regulations should specify what constitutes a quorum and define the voting procedures. The quorum should not be less than half of the members and decisions should be approved by a simple majority vote. In performance of its duties, the Supervisory Board may inspect all company documents, check their credibility and the veracity of data in them, request reports and explanations from the Board of Directors, management and employees. The Supervisory Board investigation shall neither prevent the normal operations of the Board of Directors nor intervene in the normal business operations of the company. The objective of an audit is to enable the External Auditor to express an opinion on whether or not the financial statements of the company are prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with an identified financial reporting framework and whether they are reliable. The External Auditor is responsible for forming and expressing an opinion on the financial statements prepared by management 3. The audit of the financial statements does not relieve management of any of its responsibilities. When an Annual Audit is Required the annual financial statements of all public and listed companies must be audited by an independent and eligible audit firm (listed companies must be audited by an accredited auditing company who is on the list of audit companies accredited by the State Securities Commission for audit under the conditions specified by the Ministry of Finance). The Rights and Duties of the External Auditor In relation to the external audit of a company, the External Auditor (or Auditing Company) has rights to:36 documents and other necessary documents and information related performance of the audit under the contract related to the companies being audited from relevant sources of information inside and outside such entities. In relation to the external audit of a company, the External Auditor has the following obligations:37 quality of the audit service delivery. The purpose of the letter is to provide constructive suggestions to management concerning improvements for such procedures. The findings contained in the management letter are considered to be "nonreportable" to third parties, yet require corrective action by management. Companies wishing to attract external finance should be aware that investors would typically request a copy of the management letter. After six consecutive months, if it fails to satisfy this condition, it must stop the provision of auditing services. The Law on Enterprises does not specify who must sign the contract on behalf of the company. The contract with the Auditing Company stipulates the rights and duties of the External Auditor and the company and may include any additional terms that the parties agree upon. It is stipulated that the company shall have to sign audit contracts with an auditing firm at least 30 days before the end of the annual accounting period.

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Thus prehypertension parameters buy discount sotalol 40 mg on line, studies will require hundreds or even thousands of subjects to arteria radial sotalol 40 mg amex get at the genetic root of such traits pulse pressure less than 20 discount sotalol 40mg with mastercard. Additionally heart attack 50 damage quality sotalol 40mg, the gene variants that make one sprinter fast may be completely distinct from those that make her competitor in the next lane fast. The same physical outcome can sometimes be reached via many different genetic pathways. Nonetheless, as I am writing this, headlines are erupting with the news that Japanese scientists have created fertile eggs from mouse stem cells. On the radio, a scientist just speculated that the breakthrough will ultimately lead to the ability to engineer offspring for specific traits, including athleticism. With respect to athletic traits, though, we have no clue at this point which versions of most athleticism genes even to choose. For the foreseeable future, we cannot engineer a genetically ideal athletic specimen. A genetically perfect athlete would simply have to luck into the "right" versions of the genes for her sport. Folland combed through scientific literature for the twenty-three gene variants that have (so far) been most strongly linked to endurance talent, and then they compiled information about how frequently those gene variants occur in humans. Some of the variants are found in more than 80 percent of people and others in fewer than 5 percent. Using the gene frequencies, Folland and Williams made statistical projections of how many "perfect" endurance athletes (people with two "correct" versions of the twenty-three genes) walk the planet. Williams assumed that perfection-even based on the limited number of identified genes-would be uncommon. But Williams was dumbfounded when he ran the statistical algorithm on his computer and saw that the odds of any single human possessing the perfect set of gene variants was less than one in a quadrillion. Just based on the small number of genes that Folland and Williams included, there is no genetically perfect athlete on earth. Given the paltry seven billion people on our planet, chances are that nobody has the ideal endurance profile for more than sixteen of the twenty-three genes. Conversely, an individual is also unlikely to have very few of those endurance genes. Essentially everybody falls in or near the muddled middle, differing by only a handful of genes. There are, however, certain elite athletes who do not rely on chance: Thoroughbreds. Because athletic ability involves a complex mix of genes, champion racehorses tend to result from multiple generations of mating among athletic horses. The lone safe bet at the racetrack is that every top horse has racehorses not only for parents but also for grandparents and great-grandparents. Racehorse breeders have done an outstanding job; the best Thoroughbreds run a mile in a minute and a half. Thoroughbreds may have either reached their physiological terminal velocity or simply run out of new athleticism genes within the breeding population. We pair up more in the manner of a roulette ball that bounces off a few pockets before settling into one of many suitable spots. Williams suggests, hypothetically, that if humanity is to produce an athlete with more "correct" sports genes, one approach is to weight the genetic roulette ball with more lineages in which parents and grandparents are outstanding athletes and thus probably harbor a large number of good athleticism genes. Even that would not guarantee athletic success for any individual offspring of great athletes. In fact, the better the parents are, the less likely it is that the child will be equally good. In any trait that is influenced by many genes, it is simply statistically unlikely that a child is going to get as lucky as a very lucky parent. Of course, the child of two seven-footers is very likely to be taller than average, but not likely to be as significant of an outlier as his parents. Similarly, the child of two extraordinarily gifted athletes will likely have more of the gene combinations that contribute to athleticism than a randomly selected person, but will be hard-pressed to get as lucky as her mother and father. In large part, humanity will continue to rely on chance and sports will continue to provide a splendid stage for the fantastic menagerie that is human biological diversity.

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During the 1967 to blood pressure medication parkinson's order sotalol 40mg with visa 1973 period of military conflict heart attack vs angina best 40mg sotalol, all formal development in Cairo froze as the war effort soaked up most of the financial resources available heart attack american purchase sotalol 40 mg overnight delivery. Demographic growth arteria tapada en ingles cheap sotalol 40 mg on line, however, continued unabated, including evacuees from the Canal Zone, and informal settlement growth boomed. Substantial urban fringe areas, already largely subdivided, were sold during this period, expanding the urban limits. Various inner-city areas of Cairo, notably those from the early 20th century, have pockets of dilapidated one- to three-storey structures that house poor families. They generally attract poor families seeking the cheapest possible housing solutions. These consist of private residences built on land purchased informally from farmers at the urban fringes on informally subdivided plots and without building permits. Housing is generally of a good, permanent type, often incremental and at places even high rise (10 to 14 storeys). Although initially ignored by the government, it has now become a criminal act to utilize scarce agricultural lands for residential purposes. These consist of private residences built informally on stateowned, vacant desert land. Strictly speaking, this is land invasion and land squatting and construction without permits; but semi-legality emerged on the basis of customary rights and nominal land rents paid. Housing quality and crowding conditions tend to be worse that in informal settlements on private, former agricultural lands. These comprise pre-1860 sections of medieval Cairo, with a mixture of dilapidated and sound buildings, with the former buildings often being the result of ownership disputes and lack of maintenance resulting from tight rent controls and non-profitability of rental. Residents are generally very poor; but the population in these areas is declining as a result of increasing conversion City-wide, the tenure types in slums can roughly be divided into 50 per cent owner-occupied and 50 per cent rented. Poor and ultra poor families are found mixed in with lower- and middle-income families in a wide number of older core neighbourhoods and in the vast informal areas of Greater Cairo. In most informal areas, there is a small percentage of well-off entrepreneurs and professionals. This spatial income heterogeneity is due to such historical factors as lack of residential mobility, rent control and imperfect real estate markets. A public housing programme was launched, and by 1965 the Cairo Governorate had constructed almost 15,000 units for low-income families. It was only during the period of 1974 to 1985 that the government started to address the booming informal areas by preserving state and agricultural lands from encroachments. The Egyptian government had only then officially recognized how vast the informal areas were, and that there were deteriorated or underserved urban residential areas, and launched its new towns policy. Despite some successes in slowing down the further encroachment of Cairo on its urban fringes, informal building is still going on. The first slums of Chengdu were formed on the banks of the Fu and Nan Case study highlights 207 rivers. Originally established as low-rent flats on the fringe of the city, from the 1970s onwards they became inner-city slums with the growth of the city and the spontaneous settlement of rural migrants and returning youth sent to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. Although by no means destitute, location, low levels of income and education and a poor living environment contributed to their social exclusion. These slums were eradicated during the late 1990s, together with other inner-city substandard housing, and the inhabitants benefited from favourable housing-and-relocation policies and strategies. The second phase in slum formation in Chengdu came as a result of economic reforms starting in the late 1980s.

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Regardless of type blood pressure charts readings discount 40 mg sotalol with visa, in order to arteria iliaca externa discount 40mg sotalol visa make a diagnosis of Prior attempts Presence of plan/lethality of plan (gun vs heart arrhythmia 4 year old generic sotalol 40 mg free shipping. The criteria for a manic episode are: - - - - - - - Easy distractibility Insomnia (the patient can go for days without sleeping) Grandiosity (the patient has an unusually exaggerated sense of self-esteem) Flight of Ideas Increased activity (patient will do numerous activities in one day) Pressured speech (fast arrhythmia vs tachycardia generic 40mg sotalol with visa, non-sensical, etc) Thoughtlessness (patient will do things without fully thinking about what they are doing first) At least 3 of these must be present to make a diagnosis of a manic episode. Hypomania is similar to a manic episode except there is no impairment to the patient in any of their day-to-day functioning. Patients with personality disorders do not seek help for their disorder because they are not aware that they are the cause of their own problems. A social phobia is an exaggerated fear of social or environmental situations (the most common social phobia is public speaking). Management is desensitization, can use beta-blockers for short-term control of autonomic symptoms. Those with this condition are not malingering, are not delusional, and truly believe they have a physical problem. Most commonly the patient experiences paralysis, seizures, paresthesias, anesthesias, and visual problems. If lasting < 6 months, it is an acute pain disorder, if lasting > 6 months it is a chronic pain disorder. Factitious Disorders Somatization disorder Conversion disorder Hypochondriasis Body Dysmorphic disorder Pain disorder Undifferentiated Somatoform disorder A patient with factitious disorder consciously creates their symptoms in order to assume the role of the sick patient so they can get medical attention (the motivation however is unconscious). Malingering Disorders Patients with malingering disorder consciously simulate or exaggerate a physical or mental illness for an obvious gain (Money, Care, Avoidance of work). This stage is short, lasting approximately 5% of all sleep time, Theta waves are predominant.

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