Towards the Alternative Water Forum 2022 in Senegal

Towards the Alternative Water Forum 2022 in Senegal

Every three years the World Water Council organizes the World Water Forum, an international meeting that brings large multinational companies together with decision-makers  in order to promote strategies to privatize water and further undermine equitable access and social control of water. 

At every World Water Forum, the global water justice movement has challenged corporate control of water byorgansing an Alternative World Water Forum  (AWWF). The AWWF  challenges the commercial models promoted by the World Water  forum while promoting a vision that is pluralistic and democratic. The Dakar forum in 2022 (FAME2022) will be no different. As we weave solidarities and connect struggles around the world on our journey to Dakar, we will be making an important stop on Saturday, October 2 in Barcelona, where we are hosting a powerful event to learn about the African ecofeminist struggles for water #FAME2022. 

About the event 


On Saturday  October 2, Enginyeria Sense Fronteres, Ecologistes en Acción, the European Movement for Water and the Blue Planet Project are hosting an international event to discuss global solidarity for African water justice struggles and the planning of the the #FAME2022. We will  engage in a dialogue among colleagues from the Global South and North as part of our strategy  to promote actions that contribute to a global paradigm shift putting life at the center of our global struggles against oppression.


About the World Water Council 

The World Water Council is a think-tank founded in 1996 in Marseille, the second largest city in the country that is home to two of the largest private multinational water companies in the world, Suez and Veolia. Its 358 members include large private companies (Aquafed, Suez, Coca-Cola and Nestlé among others), international financial institutions (World Bank), governments and United Nations organizations (UNESCO, UNDP). Although it defines itself as an organization aimed at “mobilizing action on critical water issues at all levels”, it’s main role has been to promote the privatization of water alongside international financial institutions and private operators..

Since 1997, the World Water Council has organized the World Water Forums, in close relationship with the authorities of the host country. Countries and cities are chosen strategically to maximize and deepen the corporate water agenda in regions of the world where the Forum is held. Registration fees are exorbitant and unaffordable to grassroots movements and the vast majority of people. 

About FAME 2022 in Dakar

 Since 2003, alternative forums have contributed to solidifying the movement to reclaim water as a common good, belonging to all people. The Alternative World Water Forum  plays a critical role in providing an open meeting space for democratic debate, the building of alternatives,the exchange of experiences and the articulation of solutions to guarantee water as a human right and common good. It provides a platform for the collective opposition to the uneven distribution of water and environmental liabilities under the logic of private profit.

FAME 2022 will be held in Dakar (Senegal) in March 2022, and aims to continue the tradition of organizing  resistance, ties of solidarity and alternatives. The global water justice movement has achieved great successes: we have built national and continental networks to guarantee the right to water; we  had the Human Right to Water and Sanitation affirmed by the United Nations in 2010; we continue to build momentum for vision of water that integrates ecological and democratic values; and have stopped privatization in Latin America, Africa, Europe and especially in France, where communities have regained public and social control over their water and sanitation systems.