Webinar on Energy poverty and children and teenagers

Energy poverty has differential and severe impacts on children and teenagers in physical health (specific diseases, difficulties in healing, malnutrition), in mental health (stigma, isolation, stress), in education (non-attendance due to illness, difficulty concentration) and safety (risk of fire and / or electrocution).

For instance, in the city of Barcelona, 15% of households with children cannot maintain an adequate temperature during the cold months and 13.4% have arrears on their bills.

Despite that, there are few specific measures to face energy poverty in childhood and there is a significant lack of studies or reports that study their differential impacts and propose policies to address them.

We will discuss about that and many more with:

– Irene González. Author of “Energy precariousness and childhood in the city of Barcelona”

– Saska Petrova. University of Manchester’s Senior Lecturer



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