International Meeting of experiences and practices for an energy transition: towards the end of energy poverty

International Meeting of experiences and practices for an energy transition: towards the end of energy poverty

Barcelona, 8th and 9th  of  November 2019

Energy poverty is one of the main consequences of current energy models and a major social and ecological challenge. From the South to the global North and based on the current extractivist system, these models perpetuate corporate impunity and the spoliation of people and communities. Despite the current climate emergency, energy is still controlled and exchanged as a private good by few multinational companies. Energy policies continue to generate, on one hand, huge economic benefits for those companies and their investors around the globe and, on the other hand, excluding and seriously affecting large parts of the population, threatening  all forms of life reproduction.

Currently, within Spanish territory, thousands of families can’t afford to pay for basic supplies or are deprived of the possibility to keep their homes at a decent temperature. 

On November 8th and 9th, at the initiative of Enginyeria sense Fronteres (ESF), Alianza contra la Pobreza Energética (APE), Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético (Px1NME), Trantsizio Energetikoa eta Demokrazia (Tradener), Red de Mujeres por una Transición Energética Ecofeminista and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, experiences from different countries where groups fight against energy poverty on the ground will be presented in Barcelona. Coming From the South and the Global North, this experiences critically face and resist to current energy policies and engage with communities to transform them. With the globalized neoliberal energy context as a starting point we will learn about different counter- initiatives in countries like Bolivia, México, Argentina and Guatemala, as well as the fights of women and indigenous people claiming  control and access to energy. We’ll also discuss the resistance strategies and calls for establishing energy as a basic human right with organizations and movements from Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom, France and Belgium. 

The meeting seeks to learn and discuss various international and local proposals that are moving towards a democratic and just energy transition, as well as elaborating on  strategies and basic lines to eradicate energy poverty in the Spanish state.

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Friday 8th November – Palau de la Virreina


18:00h – 18:30h Opening and Welcome reception 

Enginyeria Sense Fronteres and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung


PANEL I. Energy models in the South and the Global North 


18:30h – 21:00h Opening Round table. Energy poverty in a context of global climate emergency and  the need for a Just energy transition 


    • Sam Mason. Trade Unions for Energy Democracy – TUED (International) 
    • Guillaume Durivaux. European Public Service Union – EPSU (Europe) 
    • Juan Carlos Flores. Red Nacional de Resistencia civil (Mexico) 
    • Paca Blanco. Red de mujeres por una transición energética ecofeminista (Spain)
    • Maria Campuzano. Aliança contra la Pobresa Energètica -APE (Catalonia)

Panel 0: Ernest Urtasun, MEP of the Greens/European Free Alliance; Francesc Iglesies, Secretario de Asuntos Sociales y Familias de la Generalitat de Catalunya; Eloi Badia, Regidor d’Emergència Climàtica i Transició Ecològica de Barcelona; Arnau Bosch, Regidor Medi Ambient Sant Quirze de Besora.              


Saturday 9th November – Museu Marítim


10:00h – 14:00h PANEL II. Difficulties, threats and opportunities within the current energy model


10:00h – 10:15h Recap and presentation of the coming day 

Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético (Px1NME)


10:15h – 12:00h Transformative initiatives and new visions for energy and society 


    • Elizabeth Peredo, Observatorio boliviano de cambio climático y desarrollo (Bolivia) 
    • Alfons Pérez, Xarxa per la Sobirania Energètica – Xse (Catalonia) 
    • James Angel. Switched On London (United Kingdom)  
    • Trantsizio Energetikoa eta Demokrazia – Tradener (Euskal Herria)
    • Rosa Fraga. Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético – Px1NME (Spain) 


12:00h – 12:15h  Coffee break 


12:15h – 14:00 Laws and regulations as tools to implements rights to fight back against energy poverty 


    • Valérie Gonçalvès. Droit à l’énergie- SOS Future (France) 
    • Josep Babot, Law 24/2015 promoter group (Catalonia)
    • Clémence Hutin. Right to energy coalition (Europe) 
    • Mafalda Sousa. Zero (Portugal) 
    • Pablo Messina. Comuna (Uruguay)


16:00h – 19:30h PANEL III. “Care” and empowerment from affected communities Presentation of experiences 


16:00h – 18:00h Communities experiencing energy poverty: Toward empowerment and action

    • Stefan Goemaere. Samenlevingsopbouw (Belgium) 
    • Gianluca Cavallaro-Ng. Fuel poverty action (United Kingdom ) 
    • Tonia Katerini. Stop Auctions (Greece) 
    • João Camargo. Climáximo (Portugal)  
    • Thelma Cabrera. Comité de Desarrollo Campesino – CODECA (Guatemala)
    • Bettina Cruz. Red  Nacional de Resistencia Civil (Mexico) 

18:00h – 18:15h  Coffee break


18:15h – 19:00h Discussion. What kind of energy model(s) do we need to guarantee the right to energy in the global North and the global South? 


19:00h – 19:30h Closing 

Convening organizations