Transparency is a basic value for us.


See the “Statutes of the Institution”

Code of ethics

See the “Code of Ethics”


We are: 482 partners, 45 volunteers and 20 hired staff.

At ESF the accounts are clear!

The commitment to the people who support us demands that we work with complete rigor, and it is through accountability that we visualize the management of economic resources.

Of every 100 euros executed by ESF:

66 go to international cooperation projects in the field,
20 for awareness-raising and training campaigns in the North,
14 euros to the operation and management of the entity.

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Memory 2020


Consult the 2020 annual report.

Consult the memories of previous years.

Accounts 2020 Audited

The ESF accounts for 2020 have been favorably audited by Acaudit Auditors.

Consult the audited accounts of previous years.


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